Social Media Management for BRN Hotel with Ameya Innovex


The BRN Hotel in Kedarnath sits quietly among the peaceful Himalayan mountains. It offers a calm and beautiful setting that’s perfect for visitors on a holy journey. Here, you can hear the soft sounds of nature as you find peace, making it a perfect spot for guests looking for a spiritual experience and the beauty of the wild

Problem Statement

The BRN Hotel in Kedarnath, a beautiful but hard-to-reach town, is having trouble getting the word out to travelers. These aren’t just any travelers; they’re looking for a deep cultural and spiritual experience, not just a place to stay. Even though the hotel has great features and amazing views of the Himalayas, it’s not easy to show potential guests why it’s special. Now, the hotel wants to find smart ways to use social media to get steady interest from the right kind of customers, even though social media attention can be hit-or-miss


Solution approach by Ameya Innovex

Hotel Listing

  1. Listing the hotel on prominent travel and booking websites was crucial for visibility and attracting bookings on major platforms such as Agoda, MakeMyTrip, Goibibo, EaseMyTrip, and Airbnb. 

Promotion on Social Media Platforms

1.Preparing a social media calendar for all social media platforms like
2.Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook. 
3.Content creation for viral reels and posts for the hotel.
4.Social Media monitoring for various posts and reels.
5.Analyzing social media posts on various channels.
6.Running paid and organic campaigns for the posts.
7.Running the social media campaign for 90 days.

Benefits: Our 30 days of social media marketing helped in providing the below results and it continued,


  1. 243K Accounts reached in 1 month on Instagram.
  2. Significant increase in viewers for Facebook and YouTube platform
  3. Reels and post creations specific to hotel needs.



Output :There was a significant increase in leads for the hotel which helped to increase their revenue.  Overall, they were satisfied with the approach, and they extended the contract.